Altered Binder

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I absolutely love this paper from Fancy Pants designs! I just had to use it on something that I could keep out and show off. This is my binder for the "Library of Memories" class from Big Picture Scrapbooking. I created the binder by removing all the chipboard inserts from a standard three ring binder (slice the plastic cover with a craft knife and remove the interior chipboard plus the metal ring binder). Cover the chipboard with papers/cardstocks. I used bookbinder's glue, I like how it dries. The key is to get a really, really thin coat of the glue on your paper. A foam brush works very well for this, but you have to work quickly or it will dry on you before you can stick it on. I also used bookcloth for the spine, since I knew this book would be getting a lot of abuse, but you could use cardstock, scored at the folds if you want. I didn't seal the papers with anything, but that's my personal preference. You could choose to coat it with decopauge medium after you're finished. I personally like the feel of the cardstock.

New Year, New You?

Friday, January 19, 2007

It's that time of year again! First sign of the new year, I get a lot of requests to re-publish this paperbag book. I originally created this book as a "back on track" motivator for myself. As a WeightWatcher's lifetime member, I'd been slipping in my maintenance, and designed this book to cover 12 weeks, enough to get myself back in the groove and shape up a bit.

Start with a few paperbags. I used four, it made a pretty thick book, once the embellishments are all added. Stack them together, alternating the openings. (Left, right, left, right). Fold the stack in half and stitch through the fold for stability. You can skip this step, but it holds everything together, so it's nice to do if you have a sewing machine.

After you've made your "book", you can layer on papers, embellishments, photos and journaling. Use the open ends for slip in tags, even a mini-book. Use the fold-up bottoms as mini pockets, to tuck in small tags.
Warning! These books can be addictive!

Sorry for the spacing of the photos on this blog. The scans aren't the best, I didn't edit while scanning so there's going to be some gaps. This is a really long tutorial, so when you get to the bottom of the page, you'll need to click on "older posts" to continue. Have patience, and enjoy the book!

Dedication page and "before" photo

Page one and two.
Left side has a few nice quotes, right side has a spot for your starting photo. Don't put a picture of yourself in your bathing suit if you want to show off you book. (and you will want to show it off!)
There is also a small pull-out tag with a list of personal rewards for reaching goals. Make the goals non-food oriented, of course! A new pair of shoes, a massage, etc.

A nice close-up of page one.

Quote at the bottom:

"You may delay, but time will not" Ben Franklin

Here I've photographed the same pages with all the tags pulled. The tags on the right each cover one week. They help me track my fruits, veggies, water, exercise, etc.

Pounds Lost and Measurements

Pages three and four.
Left side is a graph for tracking the pounds lost, on a weekly basis.
Right side is a chart for recording your measurements.

Here are the tags that are hidden on the right side. This is for tracking your weight weekly. The larger chart is for total pounds lost over the week, but doesn't list your actual weight. The smaller tags do just that. Since they're hidden, if you're showing off your book you don't have to allow people to see your actual weight if they don't pull out the tags.

Your first "after" picture!

Space for your photo after four weeks. The tags behind this pocket are for your next four weeks of tracking exercise, water, etc. as in the previous photos.

"Old habits cannot be thrown out the upstairs window. They must be coaxed down the stairs one step at a time."
Mark Twain

Favorite Meals

Spaces to list your favorite quick lo-cal breakfasts, lunches and dinners. A lifesaver when you're hungry and that drive-through is calling your name!

The flaps on these pages, open. There's lots of room to write!

Left page: write your favorite snack recipes and ideas on the strips.
Right page: 8 week photo. How are ya doin'?

Before and After photos

This is a little pull-out booklet, for those extra before-and-after shots you'd like to keep. The pocket is made from the bottom of a paper bag, cut down to size and attached to the book. Cover with paper, punch a thumb-notch with a circle punch.

Booklet pulled out. This is a tri-fold booklet, but you can make more pages if you like. An accordian book, or a booklet with page inserts would work as well.

I love this quote! I found it on a weight loss internet site somewhere.

"The only one who can stop me... is me,... and I can take her!"

Week 12 results!

Your final photo for your 12 week results! Three months, back on track, what a great feeling!

If you want your journal to cover a longer span of time, it may be difficult to add more pages -- these books really can't handle many more pages. But you can make more books, each one covers three months so you'd have four in a year. Create a pretty altered box to store them all in, so they can be a source of inspiration for you to look back on your progress.

Here is the booklet for personal thoughts. Jotting down your feeling is always a good idea when working through a weight loss program.
The booklet is simply a folder piece of cardstock, cut to fit the back pocket, with copy paper sheets cut to size and saddle stitched inside. If you write a lot, you can always add more sheets.

"Do not give up what you want MOST for what you want at the MOMENT."

Back cover. Nothing fancy here, but you can see the zig zag stitching on the binding. Do the stitching when the book is opened flat, unless you have an industrial strength machine. You'll never get through all those layers of paper!

As you can see from the side view, this is one hefty book! So fun with all the pretty ribbons sticking out everywhere.