Altered Binder

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I absolutely love this paper from Fancy Pants designs! I just had to use it on something that I could keep out and show off. This is my binder for the "Library of Memories" class from Big Picture Scrapbooking. I created the binder by removing all the chipboard inserts from a standard three ring binder (slice the plastic cover with a craft knife and remove the interior chipboard plus the metal ring binder). Cover the chipboard with papers/cardstocks. I used bookbinder's glue, I like how it dries. The key is to get a really, really thin coat of the glue on your paper. A foam brush works very well for this, but you have to work quickly or it will dry on you before you can stick it on. I also used bookcloth for the spine, since I knew this book would be getting a lot of abuse, but you could use cardstock, scored at the folds if you want. I didn't seal the papers with anything, but that's my personal preference. You could choose to coat it with decopauge medium after you're finished. I personally like the feel of the cardstock.


Rosette Cupp said...

Did you put the 3 rings back into the altered binder? If so, how?

Tresa Black said...

Hi Rosette,
When you remove the plastic cover from your binder, the 3 rings are still attached to the chipboard spine. Leave those on, there's no way you'd get them off without trashing the chipboard spine anyway, they're attached for good!

Since you are covering the outside of the spine, you'll glue your paper right over those large silver rivets that hold the whole thing together. You won't even notice the two bumps under your spine paper/bookcloth.

Hope that helps!

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