New Year, New You?

Friday, January 19, 2007

It's that time of year again! First sign of the new year, I get a lot of requests to re-publish this paperbag book. I originally created this book as a "back on track" motivator for myself. As a WeightWatcher's lifetime member, I'd been slipping in my maintenance, and designed this book to cover 12 weeks, enough to get myself back in the groove and shape up a bit.

Start with a few paperbags. I used four, it made a pretty thick book, once the embellishments are all added. Stack them together, alternating the openings. (Left, right, left, right). Fold the stack in half and stitch through the fold for stability. You can skip this step, but it holds everything together, so it's nice to do if you have a sewing machine.

After you've made your "book", you can layer on papers, embellishments, photos and journaling. Use the open ends for slip in tags, even a mini-book. Use the fold-up bottoms as mini pockets, to tuck in small tags.
Warning! These books can be addictive!

Sorry for the spacing of the photos on this blog. The scans aren't the best, I didn't edit while scanning so there's going to be some gaps. This is a really long tutorial, so when you get to the bottom of the page, you'll need to click on "older posts" to continue. Have patience, and enjoy the book!


Tracey Mason said...

I love this book Tresa, what a great way to track your progress and stay motivated! Ps. I am officially 9lbs lighter in just 2.5 weeks!

Tresa Black said...

No way! You go girl! How ya doing it? WW? Or your own? I've switched to the WW core plan and I am so lovin' not counting points after all these years. Gotta love my WW!

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