What happened to the Ice?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My poor scrapbooking students. About 9 months ago I finally purchased an ice bucket for my classroom so they could have ice with their drinks on scrapbook club night. Previously, I'd been making do with a pitcher, but the ice would melt into one giant brick and you had to chip off a cube if you were desperate enough to need ice in your drink. Found this orange icebucket at Fred Meyer's. So cute, it was even on clearance! The class got to reap the benefits of my bargain hunting expedition for about one month. The bucket was so cute (and the matching tray to go with it), that I couldn't resist adding some Hawaiian theme decor, and submitting the whole ensemble to Stamp It! magazine. The Hawaiian Brunch theme was a winner, I had to ship all the items off to the magazine, and my desperate, ice-deprived students had to go back to the plastic pitcher with the huge chunk of fused ice cubes for many, many months. I'm happy to report that the magazine is out on the newstands now (Spring 2007 issue), so I got my ice bucket back and promptly put it back to use in the classroom. Cold drinks for everyone!

Paint It Black

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

At this moment, I can't get enough of the color black. I'm painting my studio cupboards black, they look absolutely fabulous. Here's the work-in-progress picture, my wonderful husband installed a long bank of mis-matched cabinets, all different woods and colors. (Note the one blue door in the foreground). Ugly yes, but they were a great deal, and the mismatched woods doesn't matter when you paint them! I'm learning that painting cupboards is a long, tedious process. Two coats of black latex, then sand those edges to distress them (gotta distress everything, it looks so fab), then three coats of polyacrylic for protection. I feel like that's all I've been doing for days.... paint a coat, wait to dry. Paint a coat... you get the picture. But oh, my goodness, these cabinets are looking so yummy right now. Pictures to come, when I get the brushed silver knobs on.