Paint It Black

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

At this moment, I can't get enough of the color black. I'm painting my studio cupboards black, they look absolutely fabulous. Here's the work-in-progress picture, my wonderful husband installed a long bank of mis-matched cabinets, all different woods and colors. (Note the one blue door in the foreground). Ugly yes, but they were a great deal, and the mismatched woods doesn't matter when you paint them! I'm learning that painting cupboards is a long, tedious process. Two coats of black latex, then sand those edges to distress them (gotta distress everything, it looks so fab), then three coats of polyacrylic for protection. I feel like that's all I've been doing for days.... paint a coat, wait to dry. Paint a coat... you get the picture. But oh, my goodness, these cabinets are looking so yummy right now. Pictures to come, when I get the brushed silver knobs on.

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Joanie Stanclift said...

what a cool idea: mismatched & painted!

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