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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I admit I'm constantly behind on laundry. There's always someone asking for something to be washed, and I absolutely hate sorting socks... it's a never ending battle. But today might be the topper. I actually put a pair of my son's socks in the microwave this morning, in an attempt to dry them quickly. Yes, they were clean. Straight out of the washing machine. And yes, I tried putting them in the dryer, all by their little lonesome, but 15 minutes on tumble dry just wasn't doing it and he needed to get to school. Did it work? Well.... not really. Let's just say they were nice and warm.


Bean said...

I once counted all the socks in my house that had no mates and there were forty...that's right 40! I totally hear what yer sayin!

asby, CTMH sister said...

I also HATE sorting socks. So, I've decided to go with the "sock basket" method. All clean socks go in one basket, and I figure out the pairs when needed. Fortunately for me, there is only my DH and I.

ps. He really HATES that I do it this way, but realizes, if he wants them sorted, he'll have to do it.

pps. For a happy marraige, pick someone with odd habits you can live with. :^D

craig said...

I don't let anyone know but when I can't find a match I throw the extra sock away. It's my dirty little secret!

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