Meeting an Idol

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finally got to meet Stacy Julian in person! I attended her Scrap Happy class on Saturday (loved it!) and acted like a total dork getting her autograph and pictures. She's so genuine, so real, I absolutely love her. Stacy's Simple Scrapbook magazine, her Big Picture website and book have changed the way I see scrapbooking. The pressure to be "all caught up" is no longer an issue, you can just scrap and be happy! That, and the fact that Stacy and I have this weird Lincoln/Kennedy connection, makes this meeting all the more special. We've lived in several of the same towns, my children are similar in ages to hers, my oldest child had the same first grade teacher as hers (one year apart), we both started out as consultants for a stamping company (D.O.T.S/Close to My Heart), the list goes on.

Don't laugh too much...note my giddy expression and the wringing of the hands while Stacy signs my Library of Memories notebook.


ScrappingMomof3 said...

I'm so happy that you finally got to meet her!! it's amazing that it's so darn hard when you two are so close together!! :-) Not to mention how jealous I am! LOL

Stampin n da Hood said...

I turn into a total dork every time I'm around SJ, too, Tresa!

Guess now I will be a dork around you too!


ScrappingMomof3 said...

Okay, Tresa . . . you've been TAGGED! You can visit my blog at to find out more! :) ~April

scrappernic said...

How exciting! I would have been a "total dork" too :) I almost cried when I met Jeanette--LOL! I have to say I'm a little jealous--I want to meet one of the scrapping celebs.

Pammie said...

I had the good fortune to meet Stacey four years ago and actually help her with a class - okay so it was handing out stuff and answering questions but still it was a SJ CLASS! LOL She is absolutely so sweet and REAL - have to love that about her.

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