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Friday, July 20, 2007

This has been a good week, I guess! I just got my copy of Card Creations mag and I have four cards in this issue. Haven't had time to go through the whole magazine, but what I've seen looks great, can't wait to snuggle up with this issue and really have a good look.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

You'll find this pretty little card on page 35 of the August/September issue of Papercrafts magazine. I absolutely LOVE the giant flowers on this paper from the Floral Tapestry paper collection from Close To My Heart. Shabby AND chic, don't ya think?

Fry Momma

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I've spent one hour per day, for the past two weeks, baking in the sun while the kiddos are in swimming lessons. The public swimming pools in our neck of the woods are devoid of any shade, so I've tried everything from hats to umbrellas to keep from turning into a crispy kritter. I'm not prone to sunburn, thankfully, but heat makes me excessively crabby, and once you're past 35 you're really thinking about the wrinkles more than the beautiful suntan that you can aquire from long days in the summer sun. The kids love the swimming lessons, so I guess it's just a sacrifice I'll be making every year. Maybe they'll add some cabanas (and an iced coffee bar) when they remodel our public pools next year. I have high hopes.

The world's most beautiful shoes

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My mother owned these shoes in the 50's and 60's. They're red velvet with satin heels and bow, with rhinestones on the bow. As a kid, I adored these shoes and my mother would let me play dress-up with them. I couldn't wait to grow into them and imagined myself wearing them to fancy dinners and dancing after, maybe even having a matching red velvet dress like my mother's to go with the shoes. That dream came to a screeching halt when I outgrew the shoes around the age of 10. My mother's feet are itty bitty, mine are... well, let's just say not so much. But hey, I'm 5'7" and she's 5'2". I'd fall over in a size 5 shoe. Well, I can't wear the shoes, but they have a place of honor in my closet. Beautiful to look at, no matter what the size.

Tale of a Wimp

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We couldn't ask for a better family dog than Rudy. He came to us through the American Brittany rescue society, we've had him since December. He's a wonderful companion, gentle with the kids and about as low-maintenance as they come. My husband is a hunter, so of course we wanted to adopt a hunting dog. Problem is... Rudy's not a hunter. Consider the evidence below.

Mama duck with baby at the river. She had about 7 of these cute little tykes with her, sweet as can be, paddling this way and that.

Steely eyed hunting dog goes to investigate. Note that he cannot get his dainty paws wet in that cold, cold, river water. Note the body language.... "I'm trying to go into a point, I've heard that's what I'm supposed to do, but I'm not sure this is right". (American Brittany's have an instict to go "on point" at the site of an upland game bird, but these are waterfowl, so I'll forgive him for being confused).

Mama duck sees Rudy along bank and decides he might be offering food, heads in his general direction. Rudy's reaction was just short of sheer terror. He quickly removed himself from the situation, making a bee line for safer territory, back to hunting his natural prey... leftovers from under the picnic table.

Summertime Superhero

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Halloween costumes in our house get a lot of mileage. With four kids, there are lots of hand-me-downs. I never pack the costumes away, they just go into the dress-up box. At any given time, a pint-sized superhero might appear in our yard, ready to save the world.

Cool Technique

Friday, July 6, 2007

Love this look! From the 52 card pickup class Big Picture Scrapbooking. Using paint, stamp your images on a light colored cardstock (I used white). Mix clear glaze with acrylic paint and brush over the top of the entire card. When dry, stamp additional images in paint over the top for the final layer. You can also change the look of pre-printed papers by brushing a colored glaze over top.

Some coconuts!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Nothing much to say, these tags are just too darn cute not to share. Party favor for my birthday scrap-a-palooza. Yes... I'm still talkin' 'bout my birthday. I know what you're thinkin'... move on, girl!
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