Cute, cute, cute.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Seriously, how sweet are these little birds? Both the number 2 and the birds are on the SAME stamp set, talk about a great value! I love getting more for my money. The giant solo numbers will be available to everyone starting September 4, but I get to play with them a little early. One of the perks of being a Close To My Heart consultant.... early releases! Yippee!
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Cousins can be....

Monday, August 27, 2007

completely goofy. Not sure what's going on here, but this cracks me up. We spend a week every summer with quite a few of my husband's family members, and these two have always had a special bond. Melissa and Andrew, two goofballs.

No, you can't just BUY a card....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

True Story. Nothing has been changed to protect the innocent.
Husband: Haven't you made that thank you card for Jack yet? The party was a week ago.
Me: Sorry, I've just been so busy, and the kids are bored and fighting, they are just driving me batty.
Husband: Never mind. I'll just buy a card.
Tresa exits room, immediately goes into studio and produces stunning thank you card. Proving to husband that you CAN'T just BUY a card.

I work best under pressure. And grumpy, apparently. Maybe I could get more scrapbook pages done if I'd just get mad more often.

Ahoy! I'm in Papercrafts!

Just got my October issue of Papercrafts, their photo set-up of this party is awesome. (Mine's a little too non-halloween-ey, with that white background). I'm loving this party idea. Everyone is into pirates right now, how fun to have an ADULT pirate party. Rum punch, anyone? Aaarrgh!

Things you CAN'T do when you're NOT in a swimming pool

Friday, August 24, 2007

This makes me laugh....

Lucky Girl....

Saturday, August 18, 2007

You think I'd been invited to the prom. I was giddy all day, couldn't sleep the night before. Why? Because I'd been invited to Stacy Julian's home for an Uppercase Living party. Stacy is the founding editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine, and creator of Big Picture Scrapbooking, as well as an incredible artist, teacher, and all-around-nice person. How'd I get that red-hot invite? A little history here... follow along. Stacy has the world's best nanny (okay, I don't know many nannys, but if I had to choose, Jenna would be it). Jenna (the nanny) attends my scrapbook classes (along with Jenna's Mom, Cheryl, Jenna's sisters, Cyndi and Katie. It's a family thing, love that!) Still with me? Okay! I had an Uppercase living party last spring and Jenna and her mom came. Jenna took a catalog back to Stacy, who booked a party for herself. So, that's me above, sitting right there in Stacy's studio! In case you're wondering about the huge white patch on my arm, thinking I had a terrible injury requiring bandages, not to worry: my nametag would not stick to my shirt, for some reason. After several tries, I ended up sticking it to my arm. Looked like a goof the whole evening, but at least I was a goof with a name!

We had a tour of Stacy's studio, which was a charming as Stacy herself. So bright, sunny and happy. She was in the middle of a big project, and "said" the room was messy (hello?! come over and see my room sometime mid-project. Where were the piles of paper?) I snapped this picture of her desk (above), and didn't realize I'd captured Stacy reflected in the window, wearing Addie in a front pack. And don't get me started on how adorable Addie is.

Below you see guests gathered around Stacy's work island. Seriously the best work station I've ever seen. Stacy on the far left, Jenna is in baby blue with her mother Cheryl on her right. Had the flash turned off on my camera, didn't want to be like a stalker-paparazzi with flashing bulbs going off.

The most memorable part of my evening at Stacy's was seeing her light up when she started talking about her scrapbooks. This is one passionate woman, dedicated to teaching and inspiring. I am in awe at her ability to pass on her enthusiasm for her craft, and the way she connects so readily with anyone. Being "in the business" can often burn out someone's passion for their own personal art, with deadlines looming and editorial demands, it's easy to lose your way and push aside the most important reason to scrapbook... your family. But not with Stacy. Everywhere you look, you see her love for her family, reflected in her home and her projects. Amazing and inspiring, as always.

Oh! I should show off my Uppercase Living projects... they've all turned out beautifully! You can put this stuff on anything, not just walls. My husband wants one for the back window of our motorhome, that's next on my list. I have put up a saying on my wall in the family room, and I've also made some plaques to hang by our front door. So easy to put these letters on, love how versatile they are! If you're interested in learning more, contact Christina at Tell her I sent you!

I've been Tagged!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I've been tagged by a few bloggers, so now it's my turn to share!

Random Facts about me:

1. I used to teach bellydance classes, and danced at Fairs, restaurants, art-in-the-parks, even a few weddings. I started taking lessons at age 14. In my 20's, I worked part-time doing "Belly-Grams" (singing telegrams/bellydancer) to help put myself through art school. No laughing at the hair... it was the 80's.

2. This summer I mostly wore just two pair of Calvin Klein capri pants, (a khaki pair and a mushroom color pair), with the occasional summer dress to break things up. I'd wear lots of different tops, so at least I mixed things up a bit. Hope no one noticed.... "Hey! it's two-pants Tresa".

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3. I'd like to be a tea drinker, it seems so much more refined than a big mug of coffee, so I buy beautifully packaged and wonderful smelling teas. Then I never drink them... just don't like the taste. But I drink WAY too much coffee. Any brand will do, I'm not a coffee snob. Has to have lots of Fat Free half-and-half, with Splenda.

4. I was a "fit model" for Utah Opera's costume department for the opera Aida. Not as glamorous as it seems. The lead female costumes were sometimes sewn right onto my body. Hold still, arms out, now don't move!

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5. I tease my kids that I'm going to be "Glam-Ma" to their children someday. I'll need a pink 50's convertible, wear my hair in a big pink boufant, have rhinestone cat-eye sunglasses, and always wear leopard print something or other. Kinda like Dame Edna, only smaller. I've got the leopard print purse, which my 15 year old daughter hates, so that's a start.

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6. I'm a breakfast eater. Can't skip it. Can't even wait very long to eat, no matter what time I get up. Get to the airport by 5 am? Give me a granola bar or you'll be sorry. Most days it's a bowl of cereal. My current choice: Cheerios with a dollop of All-Bran and sliced banana.

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7. I have a rose tatooed on my left hip. Each time I was pregnant it got REALLY big.

Well, that's it. Some very random facts! Here are the bloggers I've tagged to continue the game:
Sally Lynn

Summer Slow-Down

I always start the summer with a big list of all the things I'll get done. As we're half-way through August, I start to wonder what happened to that long list. Oh yeah, I was too busy having fun! I've had a break from my blog and haven't updated in a while, so I'll be getting back on track soon. I've been tagged by a few bloggers, so I'd better get my list of random facts ready... coming soon!