No, you can't just BUY a card....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

True Story. Nothing has been changed to protect the innocent.
Husband: Haven't you made that thank you card for Jack yet? The party was a week ago.
Me: Sorry, I've just been so busy, and the kids are bored and fighting, they are just driving me batty.
Husband: Never mind. I'll just buy a card.
Tresa exits room, immediately goes into studio and produces stunning thank you card. Proving to husband that you CAN'T just BUY a card.

I work best under pressure. And grumpy, apparently. Maybe I could get more scrapbook pages done if I'd just get mad more often.


scrappernic said...

That is beyond stunning! You artwork never fails to amaze me! Now I have to add that stamp set to my next order!

Gabby said...

Okay Tessa....

If this is what you can do when you are angry... then girl you need to get angry more often!

Stunning! I always love your work. Just please tell me that it took a little longer than a "moment" to make this card!! LOL.. it would probably take me about two hours!

You do amazing work. Thank your for sharing this with us.

My name is Stacey said...

Tresa-this card is BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW! You are amazing!

Bobie said...

WOW! That is one fantastic card! How did you do it? How about a Ustream class?

Windy Leal said...

Tresa - WOW! I love the cracked glass look on the fleur de lis! Get mad more often! LOL

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