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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jessica's never had a haircut, officially. It's just so beautiful, with the long ringlets and that golden color. But she hates it... the snarls, the daily battle to comb it, it's always in her way. I promised her that we'd get it cut in time for preschool, and the day finally came. I waited until the last possible moment, but it was time to let my little girl's curls go. We had 13 inches snipped off, and the hair is being donated to Locks For Love, so it's going to a good cause. Jessica loves her new 'do, and can even comb her own hair now. She's still quite a cutie. Makes me want a sassy new look too!


Kathi Carlson said...

Jessica's "before" and "after" are both beautiful. Locks for Love is a great program. Thanks for sharing.

Gerriann said...

wow she looks so much older with the hair cut but truly adorable. I met your other daughter at the fair this past weekend and she was so excited to show her friend your layout in the summer catalog! Thanks again for sharing your artwork and creative insight.

Stampin n da Hood said...

Oh this sooo pains me!
Is this OUR little ELITE Jessica??!!!

I know what you mean about the snarls and such...but it pained me when we cut Haley's really long hair too!

Jessica looks like a little pixie!
How cute!

Nona said...

Oh this makes me want to cry. My little Samantha has long, loooong, curly brown hair with ringlets too. I gave her a bath tonight and it is just about as long as Jessica's hair (when wet). I can't imagine my baby without her curls, and I definitely can't imagine her in preschool - though it's happening in a year.

I'm glad she likes her new doo. It's very cute, but in all honesty, I'm really glad it's not my turn to take my baby to the salon!

=) Nona

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