Wow... I won!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Holy cow, I just found out today that my entry for Close to My Heart's National Stamping Month video contest won first place! This is the first video I've ever put together, and it's all done on an itty-bitty flip video recorder, edited with Windows Movie Maker. My classes really are like this. Don't ya wish you could come?

Special thanks to my little actress, Jessica, for being so adorable. And to my husband, for letting me talk him into shooting his scenes just minutes before he left for a week-long hunting trip. And to Susan, who will never live down the feather boa shot.


Sherry said...

Tresa how Exciting!! I just wanted to say Congratulations on winning!! You GO girl!!

scrappernic said...

CONGRATS! I watched it last night and laughed so hard. How fun! I am so glad you won. And yes, I do wish I could come play. You know if I'm ever up your way, I'm just going to show up at your house ready to stamp--LOL!

Sunflowergal74 said...

So Fun Tresa!

And congratulations!


Jeanne said...

I just watched your video and I can definitely see why you won-it's terrific! I am VERY happy for you!

Great job on the video and thank you for always sharing your creativity!!


Rebecca said...

LOVE it! You're so creative!!!

Holly said...

This is truly awesome!! You certainly deserved first place!! Is the company going to use it for advertising. I would love a link to it on my myctmh!!!
again, Congrats!!

RAE said...

That was hysterical! Love it!

SpokaneMama said...

What fun Tresa! I love it! You need to bring the feather boa to Lutherhaven. They would go well with the dance segment during the weekend!

Just to make sure I'm not annonymous: This is Deb Cashman!

By the way...just so everyone knows...Tresa made beautiful layouts for herself during the last weekend at Lutherhaven. And she did many, many, layouts!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! You deserve it. Your video is great :). Tell your family and friends they did an awesome job, too :).


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