White Christmas

Friday, December 7, 2007

This card was created using bleach to stamp the tree. The bleach lifts the dye from the background, and gives a bit of a ghosty appearance to the stamped image, perfect for a snowy look. I love using bleach stamping on my projects, it's such a versatile technique! The fumes can be a bit overwhelming, so work in a well ventilated area, and don't make 150 cards in one sitting.


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous. Does the bleach hurt the acrylic stamps?

Did you use CTMH CS for the tree, or another brand? I thought that the buffered paper didn't react with bleach very well. Care to enlighten me?

=) Thanks Tresa! Your artwork is always stunning!


Tresa Black said...

Thank you Nona!
To answer your questions: The acrylics (and rubber stamps too) are fine with bleach on them, you'll want to rinse well to remove all the bleach when you're done.
The paper I used is CTMH, and you're right -- the printed cardstock (CTMH doesn't dye their cardstock, they print it) won't bleach. So you need to make your own dyed cardstock. I use a brayer or sponge and CTMH dye inkpads and then I can bleach stamp anything I want!

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