Red or Purple?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Have you seen my hair? This isn't the best picture, so I'm brave to put it here, but honestly, my family tells me my hair is now a lovely shade of purple. Okay, it's kinda burgundy, maybe leaning a little too much on the pink side, but I just wanted to add a little spice to my boring brown shade that I usually wear. I've gradually gone shorter over the past year, it had gotten so long I was mostly wearing the "mom ponytail". Problem is that wearing a bob in brown reminds me of the line from Steel Magnolias where Sally Field's hair is described as a "big brown football helmet". We can't have that. So... is it better to have a big purple football helmet?


Stampin n da Hood said...

ok, are now officially the mother of MY daughter..
Her hair is the same color, but on the burgundy side!
I'll be sending her tuition bills to you as well as her new-do photo!

Kelly said...

Tresa - I think it's cute! And anyway, it'll tone down a bit in a couple weeks...I had the same color once, but purple is my favorite color so I didn't mind too much! LOL

Bluett said...

Looks awesome, I love that color, I used to have it a few month ago but fade quickly on me. I fits you very well.


Nona said...

Been there, done that. But you haven't lived until you've gone BLONDE!!!

=D Love the new look. It's fun! And like others have said, it will tone down in a few weeks. You can also use a toner shampoo to make it more brown if the "purple" bugs you.


The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Love it Tresa!

When I lived in Germany it seemed that color was highly popular... we called it Berlin Red (kinda red, kinda purple) and I had my "super high bangs" that color for a year in high school. I m considering putting chunks of that cool color in my hair again this year...

It's so fun to color our hair! Hair color is like new paint on walls... one of the cheapest and easiest ways to [redecorate] have a dramatic change... and sometimes the most FUN :)

Inky Smiles Tresa!


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