Toddler's Book of Colors

Monday, January 14, 2008

I created this book a few years ago for my nephew. It was a good way for him to get to know the names and faces of his cousins, and learn his color as well. The book is a 6x6 scrapbook with top-load page protectors. There are flip-up pages for a fun interactive element.

Title page:

I made a set of three pages for each color. The first color page is a right side page, the next two are facing pages. Here's a first page:

Now for the left hand side of the double page spread:

This page is on the right of the page above. The flap is created with a brag book page, secured with mini brads.

Here's the above page, with the flap lifted. I chose pictures of each of the cousins wearing the color of the page, which really made the book extra colorful!

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