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Saturday, February 23, 2008

These two pages are for a make-and-take project at my Creative University retreat, which is coming up in less than a week. (Eeek! I'm so excited!). I love the color combo of Kiwi, Ocean and Barn red, it's so contemporary. The left background page is created with acrylic paints, super fun and fabulously artsy! I just adore the picture on the left page, looks a little familiar, doesn't it?

The right side picture is my "giddy" girl. Allison has this amazing ability to embrace the moment and almost burst with excitement at times. If you're ever watching a movie where they get to that part where the hero is going to kiss the girl.. you just know it... and they look into each other's eyes and fall into each other's arms? If you're watching with Allison, she'll practically explode at this time. She has this trademark sound that's a cross between a giddy squeal and a giggle. She holds her hands up under her chin, eyes as big as saucers and I swear she's going to levitate right off her chair. I love this exuberance she has, and I hope she never loses it to the apathetic "coolness" of adolescence.


nonapearl said...

I can't wait to make this on Saturday! =) We must be on the same wavelength. I just posted a file folio album on my blog using pretty much the SAME color scheme. =)

Stamp Til Dawn said...

Have fun at your creative university!

Tag...you're it. I'm having a blast playing with the March Word Puzzle so I'm tagging my fellow CTMH bloggers... If you have the set, pull it out and see what you can create.

Be sure to leave me a comment so I know that you posted a fun creation!

Have fun

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