How to Party... with a Kiss and a Twist

Saturday, March 29, 2008

This technique turned into a little "magic show" for me. I created this card for a Papercrafts special issue, Papercrafts 101, and they chose not to use this version. Don't feel sad, they just chose another one of my designs instead, and my step-out of the card they chose made the cover!

Back to this card, and the technique. I loved this ultra cool background paper, and since I seem to always be drawn to complementary color combos, I just had to use blue to offset that orange. SO... I ink up the Rustic Alpha letters in orange, then ink up the Adorable backgrounds swirl stamp in blue. Press the two stamps together and twist about 1/4 turn. Stamp the image and WHOA!!!! I created a new color... brown! I should have known this would happen, but not to this degree. It's like a danged magic trick, I tell ya!


Nicole said...

Tresa, I LOVE That card!! It looks awesome and I love those colors together. I love the technique you taught and am seriously going to have to play around with this.

I tagged ya, if you want more info visit my blog. :D

Stampin n da Hood said...

OMG! ROTFLOL, I mean big fat belly laughing!! about the new color "magic color technique"...we'll have to give you full credit for that one, T!

nonapearl said...

fun card!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!!!

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