An inspiring evening

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Have I mentioned before how much I love Stacy Julian? Besides the fact that she's founding editor of Simple Scrapbook magazines, founder of, and an international scrapbooking super-star, she's also a truly nice person. The cool thing is that we live in the same town, so I've been able to see her on several occasions already. But last week was the best yet! I've been a repeat student of Stacy's Library of Memories on-line class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, and Stacy invited all the Spokane area members to a crop at her house. There must have been a mix-up on the invites, or the date just didn't work out for some, but there were just THREE class attendees! Just imagine, hanging out at Stacy Julian's, eating brownies and scrapbooking late into the night. Her kids came and went throughout the evening (they were so GOOD, and adorable as well), Stacy shared her passion for music by showing off some of her favorite artists on the computer, and we got to see a few sneak peeks of some of Stacy's upcoming projects (my lips are sealed!)
With all of Stacy's celebrity and her success in the scrapbooking world, the best part about being with her in person is seeing how truly inspired she is for the craft, and how she lights up when she's sharing her excitement with someone. As Stacy would say... this is big.


Stampin n da Hood said...

Oh manO! You lucky dawwwwg!
How cool is that???!!
and yes...I'd a been there with bells and green on too!

Sunflowergal74 said...

Tresa that is fabulous - you are sooo lucky! I could only wish! I did assist with some Simple Scrapbooks teachers friday night at the Buffalo CKC - but that's as close as I get to greatness! LOL


Stacy said...

How inspiring! I love her. Must be the name... :-)
Love your work, too!

Kr8inKaren said...

I've been on this years LOM class too and loved every minute of it. I SO wanted to hop in the car & drive to Calgary when she was as close as she's likely to get back in April! I would really love to be in her presence - she's such an inspiring woman!

Susan said...

That is so amazing - great for you - and so good to hear that Stacey is so warm and friendly!

Anonymous said...

Love the room!
Connie Miller

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