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Saturday, May 3, 2008

I gotta say how excited I am to be selected to join the design team for Croppinsville, a brand new scrapbook store that will be opening soon, online and in Oklahoma. The owner is a former CTMH consultant and amazing artist, and she's assembled a mind-blowing pool of talented artists from all over the world for her design team. I'm honored to join the crew. I'm anxiously awaiting my first goodie box of Jenni Bowlin products, can't wait to get "fabulously artsy!"

Now, what about that FREE stuff I mentioned? How about doubling your chances to win? Head over to the Croppinsville blog and check out the It's Not Easy Being Green contest. Croppinsville is committed to being good to our planet, and Allie has lots of ways that the store is going green. Entering the contest is as easy as leaving a comment about how you plan to "Go Green", and you can win a prize of GREEN goodies, shipped in a recycled box.

How about a 2nd chance to win? When you enter Croppinsville's contest, AND you tell 'em I sent ya, AND post a comment here (tell me anything, I just wanna hear from you!), I'll have a random drawing from all who've commented on my blog. Winner will receive three of my little Catch-all bags, as shown in the post below. I'll post the name of the winner on May 8th, so check back to see if you've won!


Sanela said...

I just visited "Croppinsville" blog and left a comment there but I realy want to say that you have inspired me so many times in the past. I love seing your art on CTMH boards and some magazines. You are truly Stamping Goddess.

Shannon Niziolek said...

Just visited "Croppinsville" blog and left a comment there too. It's pretty cool that they are doing the "green" thing, not a lot of companies are going that way yet. Can't wait to see more of their goodies!

Shannon Niziolek said...

Oh btw, I really like your Alan Alda quote too!

Inkyfingerz said...

I just ran over to Oklahoma to the "Croppinsville" blog... how truly cool to have a them doing an earth hour weekly- that is awesome. I love it!!! Can't wait to see their store and your work!!
Thanks for sharing their site!!

Janet Carney said...

OOPS!! I guess i did this wrong at first! Anyhow, i posted a comment in the Croppinsville website and let them you referred me. Sounds exciting!!! Good for you!!

Sheila said...

Hello Tresa!

Just visited the Croppinsville blog and left a comment, mentioning your name. Hope it helps you. :)

So, are you started planning for the next Creative University yet. LOL Had a blast at the first CU!

Peggy said...

I've been awaiting for Allie to open her online store, how exciting for her :-) She is VERY lucky to have a talented lady, such as yourself on her design team!! Sounds like TONS of FUN!!

I left a comment on her post and let them know that you sent me :-) Thanks for letting us know about the give a way! And for offering such an AWESOME one of your own :-)

Happy Scrappin,

Heidibstamping said...

Hi Tresa,

First, let me introduce myself, my name is Heidi Berglund and I am a CTMH consultant (almost 8 years) and I love your artwork! I guess you could call me a silent groupie (LOL). I usually just lurk on websites and NEVER post. So, perhaps it's your offering of FREE STUFF (LOL) or better yet, it's because it is about time I told you that I admire you and your artwork. I even created a laundry sign for myself and my mom inspired by the one you made. I even look at every single issue of paper crafts and stamp it for any projects you created! Seriously, I don't want to sound like a bubblering idiot, I just want you to know how fabulous and talented I think you are!

I did go over to the croppinsville website and post a comment and let them know you sent me. Good luck on being on their design team. I know you will be fabulously artsy!

Lynne, said...

Congratulations! I have always found your work to be exceptional and inspiring, so I know you will be a valued member of their design team!

Stacy said...

Hey Tresa - Just visited and posted to the Croppinville - looks like fun. So does the craft project for May - I can't wait!!! See you in a few weeks! ~Stacy

Rebecca said...

Hi Tresa,

Just visited croppinville website. I left a comment in my dauhters name because I do not have a google name and she did. I need to get a lot more familiar with this blog stuff.

I also want to tell you how much I admire you work. I hope being on your blog perhaps something will rub off on me.


Scrappygirl said...

Hi Tresa,

I just visited the croppinville website and left a comment. I forgot I had a blog with the user name of Scrappygirl. Kind of corny huh. Maybe I should update my blog. Talk to you soon. By the way, I like the fact that they are in Oklahoma since I was born there :-)


Scrappygirl said...

Also, I love your blog. You are so creative. I'm so lucky to have you as my upline!


De said...

Tresa, thanks for the referrel to Croppinsville. What a great concept... a simple step makes a big difference and being green anyway we can benefits us all. Thanks for all the creativity you inspire and congratulations on being a part of the design team. They will bound to be successful with you on their team!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tresa,

My name is Heidi & I'm also part of the new DT over at Croppinsville. I'm just making the rounds saying hi to the crew. CONGRATS BTW! Your work is beautiful! Can't wait to get to know you better!


Rachele Funk said...

Way to go! How fun for you and I'm so impressed with the store philosophy! Sure you will be an awesome addition.

P.S. I didn't get around to commenting on your bag tutorial, but I plan on making these for girls camp this summer! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Hi Tresa,
Sounds like a worthy cause. Can't wait to see the store. Cute bag, your sooooo creative! Lisa

Penny said...

I hope to win since I can't sew worth a darn. Enjoy your blog and good luck with the new store!

nonapearl said...

Hey Tresa,
I told them you sent me, I posted a green remark, and now I'm posting here! ;) Does that count?


LL said...

LenaS said...
Hi, Tresa. I was in BPS 52card class with ya. I'm also doing CTMH and haven't found a good upline yet. Your Catch-all bags are really cute. Nice work! I'll have to check out your blog often. :)
I posted on Croppinville site. Take care.

Heather said...

Hi Tresa! I'm a big fan of yours from CTMH. I value all of your creativity and willingness to help teach others your techniques. Love your bags! I left a msg on the Croppinville site! Thanks for your inspiration!
Heather :-)

katherinestamps said...

Thanks for directing me to the Croppinsville site. I've bookmarked it as a favorite (and left a comment on the blog, too!). You are truly fabulously artsy - I love your art!


andreab said...

Have fun with Croppinsville Tresa!

scrappernic said...

Very neat website--I love that they are doing all they can for the environment--thanks for recommending it! How exciting that you'll be on their design team. I know that will make me visit even more :) Love the little bags too. I sure wish I knew how to sew--these are so fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tresa for being inspiring as always!! Great artwork and I love the tutorial for the mini fabric bags. It makes me think even an amateur like me could make one, lol. And thanks for the Croppinsville's link. I love to hear about what companies are doing to be greener. AWESOME!

Sanela said...

Hi again. I WON. It was awesome. I went to check who won and it was me. So cool. Thank you for letting us know about the site. It is pretty cool.

Ramona said...

Hi Tresa!

I just posted my comments with your referral at Croppinsville. I have always been inspired by your artwork and am excited to have discovered your blog!


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