Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Over the weekend, we went to visit my mother. Just as we pulled up to her house and stopped the pick-up, Rudy, our beloved house-cat (oops, sorry... very gentle Brittany), decided for the first time in his life to jump down from the truck without assistance. He launched himself over the side and didn't make it. Now let me tell you, this truck is enormous, and the sides of the truck are over 5 foot high. Normally, Rudy requires coaxing to get down from the back when the tailgate is down. He has never in his life jumped from the truck without help. Not sure what he was thinking, going over the side. The truck wasn't moving, thank goodness, but he hit the ground sideways, coming down on his front left leg and shattering his elbow. The break was so bad we had to take him to the Washington State University Veterinary teaching hospital. The good news is that they have some amazing specialists who put humpty-dumpty back together again, and I'm picking him up today. He'll be sporting a bit more metal in his body with a pin and a screw to keep his joints all lined up, but because of his size and weight, the doctors anticipate a full recovery.

Because the accident happened on Saturday and the doctors weren't able to patch him up until Wednesday, and Rudy had to spend his time waiting it out in the hospital, we've had a lot of lonely and worry filled days. I've learned how much a dog can become part of the family, and how deep our connection can become with a pet. You'd think I'd had one of my kids in the hospital, I've been such a basket case. So, if you have a pet, go give them a hug and let them know how much you love them. You never know when life will throw you a curveball.
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memryscrpr said...

aaawww..poor baby...but he looks OK from your picture...other than the cast. So hopefully he'll adjust until he's better. Brittany's can be funny dogs sometimes...I'll have to tell you a few stories about my parents dog someday...he's a character!

Trinka said...

Hopes for a fast recovery to him. Poor thing~

The Gutsy Mom said...

Poor Rudy! I hope his recovery goes smoothly. My two goldens thank you for the extra loves they received from me today thanks to this story. (The German Stamp Goddess)

Karen J said...

It is wonderful to hear Rudy will have a full recovery. It must have been awful. I am a big dog lover and they are like one of your kids. What a great mom to take care of him, both time and expense wise. It sounds like he received top notch care :0)

Sonja said...

Having just gotten a dog this week, I can see how you would feel. AUGH! Hope he recovers well, and is a good patient for you.


Shemaine said...

Aww Tresa sorry for the pup, looks like he's on the road to recovery now tho. Best wishes!!

Just Ducky @ Heart! said...

Ohh, poor Rudy! I saw that picture of him--and he could be our Brittany's twin almost (minus the cast)!! Her name is Liah, but we have many nicknames for her (the dumb one, Barbara Jean, Gumby, you get the idea). Don't get me wrong--we love her dearly and would be heart broken if anything happened to her! But, Brittany's are funny dogs. I hope Rudy gets well quickly--for his sake and yours!

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