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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I seriously need some counseling. I often get so excited about a new way to share information, that I can put everything else on hold while I monkey around with my new pet project. The blog, the videos, and now the Presentations.

The good news is, if you haven't been able to view the video version of my Halloween Pop Up Treat Holder, this might be the answer. It's a slideshow format, so you can advance each slide manually, or even print the images if you like. Now, it's a lot of slides, so if you plan to print, you might want to see if you can choose to print the images smaller than full page, or you'll have a whole darned book... and a lot of ink used up.

From the fabulously distracted mind of Tresa... the slideshow.

Note: this post has been edited from its original publication. The slideshow photo has been removed to enable faster loading. To see the slideshow, just click on "the slideshow" link above.

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Tiff said...

This is by far the best tutorial evah!!!!!

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