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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ever have a kid with an obsession? My son Richard has been obsessed with ships and boats for as long as we can remember. And it's not just any old boat, although he is interested in just about anything that floats, but it's got to be big. Cruise ships and yachts are his current favorite, although we've seen battleships and cargo ships thrown into the mix occasionally. He spends countless hours on the internet, searching for information and photos, and he's checked out every book in his school library about ships.

This month, my husband took Richard to San Francisco for fleet week. My husband's brother owns a large boat and they spent the weekend on the boat, touring the harbors and going out to sea for some fishing. This is the first time that Richard has been around so many boats at once, and the first time he's ever seen cruise ships and battleships up close and personal.

Richard's face must have been sore from grinning all weekend, as you can see.

His mom and dad are pretty happy about it too. Nothing like making a child's dream come true. And when he buys his first yacht, he says we can come and visit him.

Although he did mention that his sister is not invited.

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Bona said...

That's too sweet. Nothing makes me more happy than to see a father and son bonding. Of course my husband and I have four girls, so he's pretty much stuck with shopping.lol. BTW my 10 yr. old loves your videos. She watches it all the time. (Kissing stmaps is her favorite).

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