Good Fairy?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I took this shot in our front yard, and the setting is perfect for my little flower fairy. I just love how this came out. Is she a "good" fairy? Not particulary, especially when it comes to posing for photos. I got one shot facing the camera, and lots and lots of pics of her back turned to me. What is it with kids of scrapbookers? Don't they know they'll thank us when they get older?
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Bona said...

She makes an adorable fairy. Love the photo. I know what you mean. Its funny cause when I tell my girls it for my scrapbook, their pose automatically changes.heehee.

Stampin n da Hood said...

Yes, Tresa...they will thank us later!
Mine is sooo well trained now that when I finish a layout and show it to her, she says,"great layout...aren't you glad I smiled right?"

I just can't get over how "our" little Elite baby has grown!

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