Do you like Swingers? I do!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I absolutely love interactive cards. This one is a re-do of the oldied but goodie, the penny card. A pendulum creates a swinging motion for the front piece. Anything that can be cut out can be a swinger. Here I've made a butterfly, but there are so many other possibilites. How about a hula dancer's skirt, or the head of a teddy bear, or a swingin' martini glass?


Jean Johnson said...

love the card and the tutorial! Will make a great sample for the stamp of the month! Thanks!

Wilma L said...

Love this idea!:)

Anonymous said...


I LOVE your tutorials - they are so much fun!!!
Great "swinger" demo - I think I can do it now!


Dawn Ross said...


You are always such a riot! I love your humor. Oh, and the tutorial was superb!


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