Class Picture

Friday, March 27, 2009

Well, it's about time I got off my fanny and back to posting about something other than Creative University. But, because I had such a wonderful time this year, and I so appreciate all the FABULOUS women who came to the event, I have to get in just one more. So, my last post about CU, the class picture of all the wonderful students and staff who participated in Creative University 2009.

Next year's event is already in the planning stages, so keep an eye on my blog or the CU blog for updates on the 2010 event.

Okay, well, I might have lied about this being the last Creative University post. I'll have a video out soon, just a quick slideshow with music of the event. But that's it. I mean it. Really.

Creative University Make and Takes

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Students at Creative University had the option to create this 12x12 canvas decor item. The canvas background is painted with acrylic paints using a wet-on-wet technique for the soft color blending, then a dry-brush technique for the aged edges. The two rolled roses on the project were created by hand, I'll be posting a video tutorial on how to create these flowers in the future.

Additionally, there were two more make-and-takes at Create U. Everyone enjoyed making the world-famous paper cupcake.

Sheila and Kris makin' their cakes.

And lastly, this quick and easy shaker card, using real cake sprinkles. How cute is that?

Inspiration is right outside the window

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Late February often brings snow in our neck of the woods, so we enjoyed a fresh snowfall at Creative University. These gorgeous scenery pictures were taken by Sheila, one of the CU teachers.

Along with the stunning views, we also were delighted to have an unusual amount of deer sightings. They are pretty relaxed around the quiet winter activity of the camp, so it wasn't unusual to step outside your cabin and have a deer or two standing just a few yards away, staring back at you. Below are a few photos I took out of the window, from our crafting room. One of the females had a set of twins, no spots left but still quite small. You can see their matching rumps in the photo below. Say it with me now: Awwwwww!

Don't show our husbands...

Monday, March 9, 2009

How much stuff does it take to make a scrappin' weekend fun? A lot.

My favorite is my dear friend Yvonne, who apparently just didn't bring enough stuff, so she had to drive back into town and hit the local scrap store and bring back more stuff. This is her space. Where does she work? We'll never know. But she was the go-to gal if you needed to borrow something.

Welcoming the Creative University Students

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Students at Creative U received a welcome bag on arrival. We had pink and black colors on our logowear, so everything had to coordinate, of course. You can learn how to make these adorable fabric bags here. Check out the cozy fire over my right shoulder. Nice!

Inside the bags was a water bottle with flavored drink mix hanger, feather-topped pencil, candy in a sour cream container, plus a few other goodies. The pink bags with feather pencils sure made our room look "girly!"