Mmmmm.... slug eggs.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I admit, these are pretty small slugs compared to the monsters that can grow in Seattle and Portland. The slugs in Spokane are pretty wimpy. But still, this is just not an appealing sight on Easter morning. This one was a two-fer. Two slugs, one egg. Wow, what a prize!


Sarah said...

That is soooo gross. I have an aversion to slugs and maggots..(shivers)
I have a great story about a little girl who put her cooked decorated eggs in her bedroom closet...for A LONG TIME...and mom is thinking where are all these flies coming from???? WELL I am here to tell you maggots like to burrow deep into carpet....was not a fun day for me LOL

Sharli said...

Wow! I live a protected life here in the sunshine!

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