Blast off! Papercrafts magazine card

Thursday, May 28, 2009

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I'm so excited to share this card! The problem with publishing work is that you have to keep things a secret for a while until the magazine releases the issue, which is NOT easy, believe me. The most exciting thing (for me) about this particular little cutie is that it was a special request. Papercrafts magazine asked Close to My Heart to send me some papers from the new summer catalog, really early. Like, a couple of months before the papers were released. Can you imagine how excited I was to find out that PC wanted little ol' ME?

The card is in the July/August 2009 issue -- wait, isn't it still May? They do release pretty early, don't they? Fine with me, less waiting time so I can share now!

The supplies used in this card include Animal Cookies level 2 papers, rocketship sticker from Stardust My Stickease, swirl stamp from Free Spirit set, and letter stickers from Color-Ready Alphabets.

Just like me... colorful, and kinda worn out

Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm absolutely giddy over how this bench turned out. I love the shabby, worn down look, and the bright red color, and the bird silhouette. If this bench were a man, I'd marry it.

The bench started as a bunkbed. We only needed one bed, the second half was taking up space in my son's bedroom. So, at my request, my husband turned it into a bench. Isn't my hubby sweet? The headboard is the back of the bench, the sides are the footboard, cut in half. It was originally painted white, and much too glossy for my taste. I don't have a really great "before" photo, so half a picture will have to do.

It took a LOT of coats of red paint. Yeah, I should have started with a tinted primer, but I didn't want to buy another can of paint. Here are a couple of my helpers.

After I'd gotten the whole thing painted red, I attacked it with the power sander. Ahhh.... I love that thing. In a matter of minutes, my perfect paint job was destroyed. You should have seen the head shaking by my husband. Next I added a brown antiquing medium over all the exposed wood and around all the edges. A little more sanding, a little more paint, a little more antiquing.

Finished it off with a bird silhouette from Uppercase Living (added more antiquing medium to that too). And ta-da! My perfect, absolutely divine bench!

And, I think it's growing on my husband. Perhaps I'm making progress.

Using the Leftovers

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ever have leftovers that are too good to toss? I had a single page from a clear acrylic album, that I didn't need in the album but wanted to use somehow. Come on, it's a big flat piece of shiny plastic, there's gotta be something I can do with it on my scrapbook pages! I've seen little acrylic accents, why not a GIANT one!

Edge it with a little white paint and it makes a perfect page frame. I love using up my supplies. That means I can buy more!

You LIKE me, you really LIKE me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I received FOUR blog awards in one day! I am so incredibly flattered. Thanks goes to Karen, Jane, Kelly and Jennifer.

Aw shucks, I didn't have a speech prepared or anything. I am honored and thankful that I have the opportunity to pass the award along.

The rules of this award:
*comment on this blog
*cut and paste the award logo and use it on your own blog
*nominate 5 to 10 blogs you feel show great attitude and gratitude
*link to your nominees within your blog post
*comment on their blogs to let them know they received the award
*link back to the person who gave you the award to show your appreciation

And the award goes from ME to YOU special bloggers who show great attitude and gratitude ...

Melissa... She scrapbooks, she sews, she decorates, she does it all. I want that.

Hilary... Colors and cards that make me gasp. And a craft room to drool over. Have tissues handy. You know, for the drool.

Aaron... there's a reason she's published so often. Cutest projects ev-ah!

Yvette... her cards have so much texture and depth, I just want to jump right in and touch them.

Laurel...Where does she find the time to create so many beautiful cards and pages, and post EVERY day? I'm in awe.

Funky Princess Chair

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time to get crafty with the paint and staple gun. My funky princesses needed a desk chair. This one's in good shape, but it needs a little glam.

I so love a good animal print, don't you?

Oh yeah. My husband says this is the ugliest chair on earth. So he doesn't get to sit on it.

More Card Boxes!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just had to share some artwork by these very talented fellow CTMH consultants! Suzie Lay's box, shown above and in the next two photos, holds 6"x6" cards. I love how she stamped the insides of the envelopes.

Another clever consultant, Ronnie Crowley, used the pre-printed cardstock pages available in CTMH's Simply Snapshots album pages. The pattern is already printed onto the cardstock, so there's no need to add any stamping on the box. She also used the Fancy Cut Botanicals to dress up the box and cards. Talk about fast and fabulous!

Card Box Tutorial

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I hope all my readers have had a chance to do some blog hopping. It's been so much fun to see all the new products and fabulous artwork. I'm still working my way through the list, enjoying the journey. If you haven't tried out "the hop", start here.

As promised, the tutorial on the card box shown in my previous post. This tutorial will show you how to make the card box only, I'll have another tutorial on how to make the quick and simple cards at a later date. You can combine the two tutorials and whip up a quick gift anytime you need something special and homemade but you're short on time.

The materials you'll need for the box are:
Two pieces of cardstock, cut to 8"x9"
Paper trimmer
Dry embossing stylus or scoring tool for your paper trimmer
Closure options: Buttons or brads, hemp or waxy flax (see below for other closure options)
Corner rounder

Score your two pieces of cardstock as shown. Note: The picture looks a little off, since it's taken at an angle. Yes, the width is 9" and the height is 8", it just looks taller in the photo.

Cut and remove the portions shaded grey.

Fold all score lines inward.

Round the corners on the larger flap.

Round the top corners on the side flaps. To reach the flap with your corner rounding tool, fold down the wider top flap as shown.

Done with the corner rounding. Both of your pieces should look like this:

Stamp your cardstock, make it pretty. If you're working with pre-printed cardstock, you can skip this step.

Attach the two pieces together by overlapping one flap with the other. Don't skimp on adhesive, you want the spine to hold together.

Reinforce the inside by attaching two small pieces of cardstock in the narrow outer folds, as shown. I'm using green cardstock for visibility, however, you should use the same color as your card box.

Poke a small hole through the center of each side, through the reinforcement, as shown.

Through one hole, affix a large brad. You can substitute a button, if you want.

Tie a large knot in the end of a piece of waxy flax or hemp. Thread through the remaining hole on your card box. The knot inside will keep the cord from pulling out. If needed, you can secure it with a piece of tape or glue, the inside won't show. You can trim the cord later, so leave it a little long right now.

Insert another brad through the hole with the cord.

Apply adhesive along the shorter sides of the longer flap. I like to use a runner adhesive, like Tombow, because it's less messy. For strength, add a single dot of liquid glue or a glue dot in the corner of each flap.

Fold in the flaps, pressing the adhesive into place.

To close the box, wind the cord between the two brads. For another option to the brad and cord closure, you can substitute a ribbon tie, or use velcro stick-on dots.

Leave the box plain, or you can decorate the front.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Have fun creating!