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Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm absolutely giddy over how this bench turned out. I love the shabby, worn down look, and the bright red color, and the bird silhouette. If this bench were a man, I'd marry it.

The bench started as a bunkbed. We only needed one bed, the second half was taking up space in my son's bedroom. So, at my request, my husband turned it into a bench. Isn't my hubby sweet? The headboard is the back of the bench, the sides are the footboard, cut in half. It was originally painted white, and much too glossy for my taste. I don't have a really great "before" photo, so half a picture will have to do.

It took a LOT of coats of red paint. Yeah, I should have started with a tinted primer, but I didn't want to buy another can of paint. Here are a couple of my helpers.

After I'd gotten the whole thing painted red, I attacked it with the power sander. Ahhh.... I love that thing. In a matter of minutes, my perfect paint job was destroyed. You should have seen the head shaking by my husband. Next I added a brown antiquing medium over all the exposed wood and around all the edges. A little more sanding, a little more paint, a little more antiquing.

Finished it off with a bird silhouette from Uppercase Living (added more antiquing medium to that too). And ta-da! My perfect, absolutely divine bench!

And, I think it's growing on my husband. Perhaps I'm making progress.


Karen said...

Love it!

SamieVt said...

I adore it! Perfect!! Just the right amount of antiquing!

Sarah said...

A lot of work BUT I totally LOVE it...esp that bird!!!!

Sheila said...

I absolutely love the shabby chic look of your bench! What a fabulous idea to cut down a bunk bed. And it looks as though that was a lot of painting work! You have much more patience than I do. lol

Sharli said...

Wowie! Love the new bench! It's perfect!

Stephanie said...

Pretty colorfully clever and beautiful! thanks for the inspiration :) I love that the girls help in the beautification!

chattyscrapper said...

ohhhh...i like it a lot!! great job.

Sharon -- The OKI Stampqueen said...

Love the bench! Its soooo much fun to make new things out of old things! The distressing is perfect-and I love the bird embellishment...it all makes me want to come and sit and sip my coffee...! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Oh Tresa!!!! I have the exact same bunkbed up in my attic from when the two oldest boys shared a room. I always wanted to make a daybed for the front porch out of it by adding a back and a bunch of cushions. Your idea is even better! So cool. Youa re awesome.....I think that we should be best friends.;-)

Linda Albrecht

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