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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monday evening, dinner is done, homework finished. I know, who wants a face painting?
The problem with being a kid of a face-painting mom, you gotta put up with this. It takes lots of practice to get these faces painted in less than three minutes. Good thing I've got a lot of models.

Okay, all done with your faces. Now go outside and play. This is the hilarious part. Looks like a circus family lives here.

And um, don't tell my son I posted a picture of him riding his sister's bike. He's outgrown the old one, and this one will do for now.


Dawn said...

Your a cool Mom! How often do you get tapped for these talents? I'll try not to squeal about the hot pink bike.

Tresa Black said...

Thanks Dawn! I've done a few school carnivals. It's a blast, the kids will stand in line forever to get their face painted like this. That's why I'm practicing on speed.

HaleyD said...

Great job on the faces! And real men can handle pink!

Sarah said...

WOW those are some amazing faces! That pink bike is a riot!

Juel said...

Any chance we could get some tips on what product to use? This would come in handy to learn for upcoming Marching Band season for Mt. Spokane!

Tresa Black said...

Hi Juel,
Professional quality face paints make all the difference, don't even try it with those halloween kits you find in stores (yuk!) I buy from, there's no place in Spokane that has anything (except Costume and Display, but the Ben Nye product they sell is really hard to remove). I really like Wolfe brand, their white and black are the best for linework, very high pigmentation, so no need to double coat. Snazaroo is also an excellent choice.

SamieVt said...

What am amazing person you are! So creative in so many areas of your life! You are an inspiration to the lives of many!

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