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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For a very dear friend, a necklace and earring set that I made just for her. I love how it turned out, so do you think she'd mind if I made myself a set too?

The beads are ceramic (big green one), shell (zebra stripe) and glass (black and gold) along with freshwater pearls. The necklace is nice and long, a great length over a crew neck shirt.


Sheila Bennett said...

Oh - I LOVE this! All the different beads are very eclectic! And the curved wire around the black beads is a great detail.

Deb S said...

Hi Tresa, Your set is beautiful. I'm sure your friend wouldn't mind you making yourself some at all! So lovely!
Cheers, Deb

Sharli said...

Oh, BEAUTIFUL! You shouldn't have!
(Oh. You didn't).
This is really pretty - I know if they were for me, I wouldn't mind if you made a set for yourself, too!

Stampin n da Hood said...

and of course, be sure to mail (insured) to my physical address and not the PO Box, eh k?

beckyw said...

Hey! I am a beader too! Anyhoo, how did you do the heart-shaped wire cage around the black bead??? Thanks in advance!

Tresa Black said...

Hi Becky,
The black beads came with the wire already wrapped. Clever, huh?

jen said...

WOW! Add jewelry making to your long list of awesome abilities! Love it!!

Go ahead make one for yourself....and me .....and the gals who commented above me! haha

Thanks for a great blog, I love reading it and looking at the pics!


Angela said...

Tresa, these are gorgeous! I'm scared to start jewelry making crafts...for fear of the addiction.
Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Terri Bills said...

So pretty!

Connie J Miller said...

Just came across this. So did you make a set for yourself? They are gorgeous

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