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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Even though my annual reatreat, Creative University, is five months away, the wheels are already turning. Just finishing this video makes me all excited for the big event, I can't wait!


SamieVt said...

Awesome video. I'd be excited too - it looks like so much fun!

Angie said...

Fun! i will like to go too but how much is it cost ? and is it only for especific people?

Tresa Black said...

Hi Angie,
The info will be up on the Creative University site ( once I get the site updated, and regsitration will open on Nov. 1st. Creative University is open to anyone who would like to attend! Great way to get your Fabulously Artsy fix!

amcgrew said...

Looks like great fun, Tresa!
Where do you get all the cute t-shirts? Are they a team thing or can anyone purchase them? I LOVE them!
Amy McGrew

Tresa Black said...

Thanks! I have the logo wear done for each year's event, anyone can order (even if you don't attend CU). The nice thing is that there is a selection of garments, from T-shirts to Hoodies to bags. I start collecting the orders (there will be a link on the website) in January, so check back on the website later.

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