Watercolor Shading for Solid Stamps

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fabulously fast, without the funny business. Learn to use a waterbrush to add a hand-painted look to your solid stamps.

Lots more full-featured videos coming soon, this is my "low-carb" video style (all the meat, none of the fillers). Enjoy!

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Amy said...

Great tutorial! Fast, simple and very professional.

Sheila Bennett said...

That image is gorgeous. Your coloring is fabulous.

And I really like the quick tutorial with the still photos. The printed words repeating the steps is a really nice touch.

Sarah said...

Awesome! Loving the low carb diet, hee hee but I must say I do miss your fillers :-)

Sharli said...

Great tutorial (as always!) - I never thought about using a solid stamp to water color. You're opening my eyes!

Kim Harper said...

What a great tutorial. Thanks for teaching us how to use the water brush. I am definately going to try this!

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