The Best of 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm BAAAAACK! My mojo went on Christmas vacation, apparently. Neglected to inform me, just packed its bags and headed somewhere tropical I suppose. But I'm feeling the old spark and I'll be posting a darling scrapbook layout tomorrow. Guess even our creativity needs a short break once in a while.

Last day of the year always makes me a little sentimental. Looking back at some of my previous posts, I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about my faves....

How Sweet It Is
The cupcake mania began the video tutorial, which is the most-watched video on my youtube channel. I'm stilled called "the cupcake lady" by many.

A Smidgen of Scrapbooking
I admit it, this was not my year to catch up on scrapbooking. Just a handful of layouts made it past my over-obsessive compulsion for perfect titles, clever journaling and just the right embellishments. Workin' on that. But I did a few, and that makes me happy. Check out this one, and this one, oh, and here too.

Do you... Create U?
This is big. For me, it's really, really big. My annual, once-a-year, eat-sleep-breathe Creative University. The 2009 event was so much fun, and the 2010 event is less than 8 weeks away. I'm all sold out for 2010, but 2011 is already in the planning stages.

The Dress
Sewing... fitting... basting... pinning... All for one dress. So worth it.

I Can See Clearly Now
I have to say, I love this acrylic album. It was for a silent auction fundraiser for Operation Smile and I'm so proud to have participated in such a worthy cause. And unlike my usual method-of-operation, I created this one in a non-stop creative blitz. See, I CAN get something done when I have a deadline.

Crafty tutorials all month long, what could be better? A real kick-in-the-pants for my lazy posting, but it was so much fun seeing all the other bloggers who jumped in with their tutorials as well. Kuddos, crafters!

The Art of Being a Goof
This was my year to show off my natural ability to make a fool of myself. I think that this comment from a youtube user sums it up: "I mean this in the kindest way possible...You are SUCH a dork!". Compliment accepted.

So, if you get a chuckle from my silly face pictures, or odd attire, or the just plain strange discoveries, I'm glad to have brightened your day. Giggle on, my funny friends, giggle on.


Leslie said...

oh yes, I have enjoyed your posts, your tuts, your artwork, especially the ones I got in the mail, all your cute antics on your videos, and am definitely looking forward to more in 2010. Are you going to convention?

Jean M. said...

Happy New Year. Thanks for the giggles. Looking forward to many more:)

Kim Harper said...

I can't believe someone would call you a Dork (even nicely). I have thoroughly enjoyed all your posts and have learned so much from you -and you don't even know it:)

Have a very Happy New Year and keep up the great inspirational work you do.

I only wish to be as DORKY as you when I grow up (I meant that very nicely:)

Haley D. said...

Happy new year! May 2010 be the best yet! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your world with the rest of us, because you are totally rocked '09. Inky hugs!

family.seals said...

Thank you so much for being so creative and funny and yes a Dork! From one dork to another it is truly a pleasure to make my weekly trip to your blog! I am very excited to be attending creative university this coming year! I think I might scream like a little girl when I see you! You are my creative idol! Thanks for being you!

Stampin n da Hood said...

egads...if you're a dork, what am I?
no words.
Yea, I still wanna be you when I grow up...but're younger than me. How's that gonna work?!
Ok, never min that...I'll just be the fan-pup...following behind, nipping your heels and picking up the stray creative crumbs.
Here's to full meals in OH-TEN!

Sarah said...

I love every single thing you do....But that dress was absolutely fabulous!
Happy New Year

Kerie said...

I love your website.. your videos are just the cutest. I wanted to say that I have scraplifted some of your ideas. (the cupcake and hair gel card)
You can visit my blog @

Have a wonderful day!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved your cupcake! awesome creation.... ;)

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