Ta Da! The Final Chapter

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's celebration time, I'm done with the series! Now you can finally see the entire book in the first few minutes of this video. And me dancing. Don't forget the dancing.

Things I've learned making a series:
1. It's a good way to break down a lot of information.
2. I thought it would be quick to make each episode. I was wrong. They take just as long as my "regular" videos.
3. Making a series means a lot of different manicures.

I'm so happy to finish, I'll be celebrating with a give-away. Check back on Friday for the oppportunity to win a little something from me!


Joel and Amy said...

Can't wait to finish my mini-album. Thanks for sharing all your work...I could never think of all those awesome designs.

Sheila Bennett said...

You never cease to amaze me. There are just so many clever ideas that you used to create your book.

And, in addition to your manicures, I get a kick out of seeing your different hair styles and lengths in your opening and in your videos. :)

nancy said...

You are AMAZING! I really love your tutorials and your humor! Thanks for sharing this adorable project! I hope I'm cancelled at work tomorrow so I can sit down and make the whole book!!!

Dot said...

Love it!! I have a couple of pages to finish and then would love to share my book with you. I used the Splendor paper pack to do mine. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

Anonymous said...

I have writer's cramped hand from furiously taking notes during your video. You are totally amazing! I've made your cupcake gift card holder and now I can finish this book! Your ideas are so creative! I've learned lots (and think that I am a pretty creative person). I like your pleating technique on the tag page and know that I will transfer that to my albums. I love your blog (and you crack me up!).

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