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Monday, May 17, 2010

Silly birds, don't you know any better? Building a nest on our deck support, just inches from our outdoor eating area and barbeque, not to mention we have four noisy kids and a dog. But it must be prime real estate, because after taking off a year, the birds are back again. I was thrilled to discover the new nest, having the experience so up-close and personal is so much fun for the kids (and for me!)

This year's nest didn't contain the decorative toilet paper accents, like the last one. We haven't had our house TP'ed in a while, thankfully. So, poor Mr. and Mrs. Robin had to use flowering bushes for their decor. I didn't manage to snap a pic before the flowers wilted, but you can still see the drooping greenery around the outside of the nest, if you look carefully.

The nest is on the upper deck in our sloped back yard, so the birds aren't comletely out of their minds, since the support they built on is a good 14 feet or so off the ground. Oh look, I think you can see some little droopy white flowers.

Mrs. Robin. She's kinda mad at me. Mr. Robin will dive bomb you and hurl insults, but Mrs. Robin mostly just gives off the bad vibes and hits you with her evil eye.


Desirae said...

oh! how cute! our baby robins are learning to fly today and between keeping my boy and the dogs away from them and taking them back to their parents, I've been dive bombed a couple times today, too! :-) it's an exciting day, I'll be glad when they get flying figured out. It's stressful keeping my dogs away from the babies on the ground.

Mary "FUNN" said...

there is a mama robin on a nest about 2 feet horizontally and 6 feet vertically from the picnic table at work. The term "bird brain" is not without reason.
Don't get me wrong - I love birds! I have 2 in the next room and feeders right outside the kitchen, but bird brain, none the less, has scientific data to back it up.
Nice to see you enjoy the robins, too.

Bonnie said...

Last year we kept track of a Mockingbird from his enthusiastic and constant singing to attract a mate to nest building to watching the hatchlings grow to juveniles flying around the yard. They stayed close all summer.

This year a Wren built a nest in an urn beside our front door. I watched the Wrens so much that they finally would cover the nest entrance with a leaf. One day I looked out and the leaf was gone and the top of the nest was wide open. I was afraid something had gotten to the babies but evidently, once the babies are ready to fly the parents remove the top of the nest. We found the babies flying clumsily around in the back yard. Within a very short time they were flying as well as their parents. I really miss watching those babies but, the Mockingbird has returned!

Jena said...

I hope your birds have better luck than ours - I just posted pics of ours on my blog today - but they had a sad ending!

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