A Card for a Special Young Lady

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm working on my next video, showing bleach with dye inks. This card is a prototype, I'll make a similiar one in the video, using different papers. This particular card is going to a very special fan whom I've had the pleasure to meet online. She's just 10 years old and lives in the Philippines, and can't buy Close to My Heart stamps because they're only sold in USA and Canada. So I'm sending her a little set along with this card, just for being such a sweetie, and I'm pretty darned impressed that such a young fan reached out and contacted me.


shannonmvt said...

That does stink for her and so nice of you!

nonapearl said...

I can't wait for this video! I need to learn some new techniques. Feeling a little stagnant in my teaching lately. ;)

SOS said...

Hi, it's so beautiful like always!

April said...


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