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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My latest video, just for fun!

So, what wacky thing inspired you?

And check out the Fantabulous Cricut blog. They're featuring my paper cupcake video, and giving away a Cricut Opposites Attract cartridge. Free stuff is very inspiring.


Trish said...

This is an AWESOME inspiration and has given me a GREAT idea for this years Christmas card. Yes, Christmas card already in June!!!

AaronB said...

Great Video and wonderful card! Thanks fro sharing you talent with all of us!

Becky G. said...

Great video and I really like the card. Thanks for sharing.

Joanne Jay said...

Funtastic card...it is amazing what ideas you can get from....Thanks for the video and sharing. I like the bowl idea for a round card!

Lori (THCEO) said...

Awesome!!! And thanks for linking up to Fantabulous Cricut...we've had a TON of compliments on your cupcake idea already!!! :)


Nancy Ball said...

Well, besides you inspiring me....I also get lots of inspiration from fabric!

Sheila Bennett said...

Adorable card. Thanks for sharing the tip for cutting around a bowl. I've always just tried to press hard and do the cutting with a knife in one pass, but your multiple passes idea is a good one.

Unfortunately, I haven't been inspired by much of anything lately and have not been creating anything! But most of my inspiration usually comes from fellow consultants who share their great ideas on their blogs.

lol - just now noticed that you have a little owl in the background of your blog. And now realize that it is a piece of 'scrap paper' from one of your stamping sessions. :)

xosparklesxo said...

I love it! I find a lot of inspiration in my daughter's clothes. The colors and patterns are so fun and I have been wanting to re-create some of those looks for my cards and scrapbook pages :)

Mary "FUNN" said...

Hey T-Saw,

I think I'm just going to open a store called, Just Like Tresa!
You are terrific.
We were singing your praises at a crop today!
Your cupcake, your 3 ring binder, you funny self.
Yep, the answer is the Just Like Tresa Store!

Amy said...

I usually get inspiration from my daughters clothes. The most strange thing I have ever pulled an idea from was a take out box. I made a card from the idea but cannot remember what I ever did with it. I should have taken photos...next time...next time.

bods said...

I get inspired by colors that the retail world puts out. Specially at Target. I will take a picture with my phone so I can remember the color combination and then go home and make a card from that color combination rather then purchasing the garment or item that inspired me.
As always love your videos!! your my inspiration!

Deb said...

Okay, what do I get inspiration from? Lets see, advertising catalogues, postcards, teapots, cupcakes, oh, oh, the plastic containers that you get store bought cakes in. As you said in your video once you start looking you can get inspiration from every where. Fun story, my hubby pointed out a pattern on something the other day and said 'That would make a great design for you to use on a card'. Rolling on the floor laughing. Now I have infected him. Love your talent. Cheers, Deb

Kerie said...

My inspiration comes from seeing all the great ideas from others blogs, like yourself!
Thank you for another great video! I just love your personality!!

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