Ghost Stories by the Campfire

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camping and ghost stories are just made for each other. The not-too-spooky ones are the best, especially when you've got little ones. On our last weekend camping trip my husband told the assembled kids a story of a motorcycle rider who lost his head, but continues to ride at night looking for a new one. The story ends with a warning... if you hear a motorcycle at night it might be the headless motorcycle man. Our campground was near a road that received quite a bit of traffic from.. you guessed it: motorcycles and ATV's. Just enough scare factor to keep the kids in bed after dark.

The next day, the headless motorcycle man made a guest appearance.

Thanks to everyone who entered the mini album contest. I'll have the voting poll up soon, check back and vote for your favorite!

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Jean M. said...

You and your family just have too much FUN.. Can I come and play too:)

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