Funky Flowers

Monday, July 26, 2010

Need a custom-made accent for a scrapbook page or card? Lollipop flowers are so easy, and you can use any paper or cardstock for a perfect match to your project. See the how-to video here.
Remember to tune in Wednesday, July. 28th for my next live show on ustream. Showtime at 7 pm pacific, 8 pm mountain, 9 pm central, 10 pm eastern.


Crafty Jenn said...

Beautimus card Tresa! Love the flower and all the distressing.

<3 Jenn

jo said...

Did you mean, Wednesday,
"July 28th?"

Aug. 28th is a Saturday.

Just checking!

Tresa Black said...

Whoops, thanks for the typo correction Jo. Got ahead of myself. It's fixed now, and yes, it's July, not Aug.

2tontansy said...

I watched your video, and had to run to the thrift store for some music paper. $.50 later, and I'm making me some lollipop flowers!!! Thanks for teaching me! Love your videos!

AaronB said...

Thanks for sharing your talent in videos! I have been watching your U Stream while running on the treadmill, and it makes the time fly by!!

Josh and Rach said...
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Josh and Rach said...

Wow! Teresa you just opened up a whole new world for me with that faux stitching technique!!!
And I realized I only live a few hours north of you in the Okanagan.

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