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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You saw the spring banner, now it's time to show off the summer banner! When I get into the crafty groove, nothing is safe in my home. I cut into my front door wreath for the wheat stalks, snipped buttons and cut tags off my family's clothing. I wanted a laid-back, farmhouse feel to this banner, so I used lots of denim, twill, canvas and natural materials. Turned out pretty cute, I think!

See that sunflower above? It's one of those projects that takes on a life of its own. First, I cut up three of the largest white flowers in the Big Pinks packages. Click HERE to see what they look like. I cut all the petals apart and trimmed each petal to a more pointed shape so that they would resemble a sunflower instead of a daisy. Next I dip-dyed them in yellow re-inkers mixed with water. While still wet, I hand painted the inner portion of the petals with a deeper yellow for shading. Once dry, I glued the petals together, overlapping them. Then I added a center set of petals made from cardstock that I trimmed to points, saturated with water and sculpted to curl over toward the center. The center of the sunflower is made from polymer clay, embedded with approximately 150 brads (I lost count officially).
Levi's tag taken from my husband's pants. He'll never miss it.
The denim fabric I salvaged from an outgrown pair of my daughter's pants. I just cut them up and stitched each panel, fraying the bottoms.
Coming next, Fall and Winter banners.


ScrappinCntryGrl said...

I love it....I want this on my I like how you used theh jean material with CTMH products.

Amy said...

Wow...and this is a perfect example of why you are so fabulous!

Erin Mixon-ctmh consultant said...

Incredible!! Everytime I look at this I see a new FAB thing to love!!

family.seals said...

That is so super cute! I have been dying to make a banner.. Now I really must. Hmmm... I guess I had better get busy thinking... maybe it can be a club project! Thanks for being so inspiring!

Jenn Embry said...

What a fabulous project!!!! I love love love it. Very creative and cute.

Nancy Ball said...

Okay, so I'm always impressed with your art and videos, Tresa. I must say your sunflower has moved you on to my "worship" list....WHAT!

I never would have imagined your sunflower is from our blooms....clearly I just don't see things for what they could be! Thanks for the constant inspiration!

Trisha Morton said...

LOOOVE the sunflower! I'm totally lifting this for my home project! You truly are inspiring. And fabulous!!

Trisha Morton said...

LOOOVE your sunflower! I want to totally lift this for my home project! What a cute idea. You are truly inspiring. And Fabulous!

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