Technique Class Marathon!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I had a crazy dream, that I could teach a marathon of classes with absolutely no advance planning whatsoever. It's amazing where one little idea can get you. If you're thinking "a lot of trouble", well, you're mistaken. I've been having a great time keepin' it real for the past couple of days on my ustream channel. Special thanks to all my viewers who've been tuning in and hanging out with me!

Here are the cards from the last couple of shows.

Two more shows to go today. 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm, Pacific Time. Missed the shows, you can watch the recorded episodes, available from my main channel page or click on this link.


Josh and Rach said...

I L♥VE the "sweet" pear card with veranda papers!!!! You inspire me so much, Tresa!!!

Mare said...

These classes have been amazing!!! I have gotten so many ideas and am now looking as my stash with some fresh eyes, which is good since I felt like I was in a rut! :) It was great that to see you use techniques I know but either haven't used in ages or wasn't very good at using. You really help with your tips and creativity!!!!


Karen said...

You definately inspired me too and made staying at home lots of fun! Thanks so much! I'll be looking forward to your weekly live streams!

wishtobefluffy said...
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Melissa said...

I've always watched your YouTube videos and read your blog. This visit I was happy to find the new classes at ustream. I want to watch live sometime Thanks for all the hard work that goes into the projects.

stampmom said...

So loving the reality of upstream...interruptions, distractions and misplacing supplies... It's fabulous in a good way. It's fun to watch the creative process unfold, and reinforces my philosophy of create within the previously started projects rather than waste time cleaning up in between LOL. (I have no idea where my kids get their A.D.D. LOL). Bless you and your precious family for sharing with us and inspiring us. If you're ever in the Boise area I totally wanna hang out :) Not in a weird stalker way, I just think we'd laugh ourselves silly. Keep up the happy classes and know we are inspired by you!

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