Bandana Technique, Page in Progress

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In last night's ustream class, I demonstrated the "Bandana Technique". There are several ways to get the Bandana look (patterns on a dark background defined by white highlights), I used two in this class. I'm going to be finishing up this page, but not as soon as I'd hoped. Probably over the weekend. My messy house and neglected family are crying for attention. Nothing too fabulous about scrubbing the terlit and sortin' socks, but it's gotta be done.

Watch the show! CLICK HERE


quiltindiva said...

Enjoyed watching the ustream episode! Can't wait to try the bandana technique. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

Matthewsmommy said...

once again another fabulously artsy show. Loved it!

Nancy Ball said...

Tresa, I actually managed to tune in for most of the show last night. I really enjoyed listening and watching you live.....would be more fun to see your face, 'cause I'm sure you made some funny ones!

I'll look forward to seeing the completion of this project!

Sheila Bennett said...

Your bandana paper is awesome! It was so fun watching you create it last night on your ustream. :)

Corbs having FUNN said...

I am a new consultant with CTMH and I have had an awesome time getting to know these techniques with you. You inspire me to TRY! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Katy said...

Can't wait to see the finished product...finally got to watch your show LIVE and loved it!!!

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