Fresh Flowers

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ahh, flowers! My favorite embellishment. These are extra special because they're all hand-made (well, except the little white crochet one) so they are customizable to your project. I like making my own flowers because they can be any size, any color, any style. See how they're created on my latest ustream class HERE.
I did make a few tweaks after the show. I usually do. So you'll notice a few small differences on the peach flower, since I added another hand-cut flower for backing, and replace the blue (it didn't match) center for a rolled cardstock rose.


ALessner said...

It was so fun last night im definately trying all the flowers you demoed. Cant wait till next wednesday

Sheila Bennett said...

This is absolutely fabulous! The embellishments are all so detailed and just perfect. Putting a crown on the bird's head looks wonderful - and to use a snowflake stamp to create the crown just blew me away. Your creativity will never cease to amaze me. :)

BTW, I did watch both of the ustream videos for this wall hanging. Unfortunately, I have not been able to watch you 'live' yet, but have enjoyed watching the recorded video later.

quiltindiva said...

Very beautiful! I had to go back and watch the video for the second time...once was not enough!
You are so talented! And I am so envious!
Thank you for sharing...I love watching the ustream videos.

MsJay said...

This is very lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Southern Queen Bee said...

That is so darn cute!

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