Getting Geeky (a sharing tutorial)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm not a techno-savy gal, believe me.
I didn't grow up with this stuff, and I've had to learn everything by trial and error. There are some things I feel like I'll never get (like photoshop, I'm a total flunk-out), but I thought I might share some of the things I've found that have helped me join this new fangled world wide interweb.

Today's post is about sharing. The Close to My Heart bulletin board for consultants is a favorite of mine, I check on it pretty much every day. It's only for consultants, but there are lots of other bulletin boards in just about every subject you can imagine. If you belong to one, and would like to share a link or a photo, here's how. (Disclaimer.. this works for bulletin boards that allow html code, so it works for me.)

You can make the instructions larger by double clicking on them.

Save any of these directions by right clicking and saving as a picture. That will allow you to refer back to it anytime you want. Each set of directions is a separate picture, so you need to save each separately.

When you'd like to share a website address, you can always just paste it into your message on a bulletin board post, but that makes the reader have to go to the extra step of copying your address, pasting it into their browser and leaving the site, or they have to open a new window to paste your address. I'm kinda lazy, I usually will skip any of those options and just don't visit the site. It just takes so much effort to move my whole hand to copy and paste, when I could just click on a link with one finger. (laughable, but it's sadly true of most readers. Don't shoot the messenger, I bring you the truth). Here's how to get more of those lazy people like me to visit your link:

Lastly, how to combine both of these ideas....
making a picture clickable.
I love this.
People like to click on things. When you make the photo clickable, the reader can click the photo and go directly to the place you want them to. Even if it's a different place than where the photo is at. So I can show you a picture of a card I made, then set up my link so it takes you to my website to purchase the stamp set I used. I feel like the master of space and time when I can do something so clever.
You can also just make the picture clickable to go to the site. Like sharing a photo that's on your blog, allowing the reader to click on the photo to go to your blog and see more.

Hope that helps some of you! I'll have more tutorials in the future on the Fabulously Geeky side of me, like messin' around with your blog settings.


Queen Bee said...

Thank you so much Tresa! I needed this info.

Kelly Triggs said...

Oh Miss Tresa! You will never be "geeky" to me!! You are my 'artsy-goddess'!! I worship the ground you glitter!

Sharli said...

Awesome Tresa - I LOVE your tutorials (all of them!).

Katy said...

Oh, are so funny!!! AND! I'm so glad you posted the "link" instructions because I am one of those that just skips over the "visit my blog" if it doesn't have a link but I, for the life of me, couldn't figure out how to add a link on the BB so I'm guilty (in the past couple of weeks) of telling them to "visit"...THANK YOU!!!

Dot said...

Thank you, Tresa!! These instructions are VERY helpful to me.

Diana said...

Thank you for this. I can't wait to give it a try now!!

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