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Monday, August 9, 2010

I like to multi-task, but I'm not a good multi-tasker.
I've learned that the more things I try to do at once, the harder it is to do any of them well.
But this weekend, I managed to pull it off. I've been putting off the last thank-you cards for my blog contest winners, and I'm also very behind on youtube videos. So... I worked on both at the same time. I think they turned out pretty well, despite the multi-tasking.
The cards are going out today. The video will be released soon, after the editing is complete.
Oh, and I did add one more thing while creating these cards and video taping the process. I also broadcast on ustream. Two cameras, two different shows, one crazy lady.


Connie J Miller said...

They are awesome the color is so much better on here. Love watching you create.

quiltindiva said...

Love seeing all that you do! I wait non-patiently for your ustream and utube videos. I work nights so I have to watch the taped version of ustream. Too bad you don't have a daily show. The cards are very pretty.

Haley D. said...

Your cards are incredibly beautiful! Can't wait to see the video.

Sharli said...

Good heavens, Tresa! What amazing cards!!! Wowie!

Teresa said...

Thanks for yet another wonderful idea. I was totally blocked for a card idea to use in a card exchange. I have seen some of your work before and knew your creative blog would help. Of course I had to let them all know that I "lifted" the basic idea from you. Thanks again.

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