Will I see you at CU?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Creative University registration will be open tomorrow on Monday, Sept. 20th. This is my big deal, my grand gesture, my huge hoopla for all. It's a retreat like you've never attended, a perfect blend of relaxed do-your-own thing paired with the excitement and creativity of hands-on classes. You'll faint when you see how affordable the all-inclusive price is. Once you've recovered, get yourself into the registration section and snag a spot. They go fast, the attendance is limited and last year's event sold out in a week.

Check out the website for all the details, including prices and registration.

I could go on and on about how fabulous this event is, but I think that I'll let some of the past students tell you...
Dawn said "Last year was my first year.  I thought it would be fun, but it turned out to be so much more than that!  I met the friendliest, most helpful and wonderfully talented ladies I've ever seen in one place!  I felt completely comfortable and welcome.  I recommend CU to anyone who would like to relax in a gorgeous atmophere with a bunch of truly special women!  You won't BELIEVE how much you'll learn!  I guarantee, YOU'LL LOVE IT!"

Kari said "This will be my second year at CU! I highly recommend the extra day. You start CU completely relaxed. You have time to hang out with the wonderful ladies you will be spending the next few days with. And you get a whole day to play before classes begin! The food was very good and the dinning hall is very cozy! Meal times were almost as much fun as the classes!"

Amy said: "We had the best time ever!!  There was an excellent variety of classes offered.  We met a bunch of new gals who we've gotten to know quite well over the past year on Facebook.  We kept in touch after CU ended.  At the end of CU, we vowed to return this year and we're all coming back with another friend in tow this year!  Can't wait for February!!"

Nichole said: "The Education, Inspiration, & TONS of Relaxing moments were only a tip of the iceberg. Everyone there was so incredibly helpful, thoughtful, sharing, caring, inspirationally talented and willing to show you how they do what they do. The food was GREAT!, The cabins are so cozy and no matter who you room with, it is always such FUN!, The classes & instructors are just TOO AWESOME to miss! You can't help but feel so invigorated by the presence of these talented ladies everywhere you look!
Picture yourself HERE!


Haley D. said...

The tuition fee is great! So reasonable for an entire weekend of crafty heaven! I can't afford the airfare from Georgia though. :( I'm sure it will be a fabulous weekend. Wish I could be there!

Crafty Jenn said...

What, no monkey hat picture?! ;)

mia said...

i wish you would do something like that in switzerland. i'd love to come.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...wouldn't it be lovely but the trip from Australia might be a little bit too far, may-be one day. I'm sure you will all have a great time.

Dot said...

I know I would have an absolute blast, but can't make it work to get there from Minnesota. Maybe someday -- in the meantime, I'll just have to wait for your next online version!

Sharon Russell said...

I'm on the other side---of the country! Wish I could! What I would likem is any input, advice, etc. you're willing to share on how to make this happen. My friend and I know we can do this--and are seeking the advice of seasoned veterans to help us plan, etc---and gee, maybe even a guest appearance? We live 2nd row at the beach---is that enticing enough?!

Anonymous said...

If I could find a pal to share a car from Spokane, I would seriously consider flying in from Denver. I have really enjoyed all of your online classes.
Thank you!!!

Tresa Black said...

Deb! There are lots of chances to carpool from the airport, you should definitely come!!!!!

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