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Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween house

I’ve been a busy bee this last few weeks, with Halloween prep. Not just for my kids, but hundreds more at the elementary school carnival and the middle school  haunted house.  I managed to sneak in a bit of time for a quick decorating of our front porch.  I love the lights at night, they are spooky, yet magical in white.


When facepainting at events, I try to look the part. For the elementary school, I wore a black and orange witch hat with matching fire butterfly.

The middle school was a different character. Demented art teacher. 

haunted house facepaint

I feel pretty, oh so pretty….

Over forty kids each night for four nights needed to be transformed into the characters in the “haunted school.” Conversations in the make-up room sounded like this:
ME: “Which rooms are you working?”
KIDS: “Upstairs hallway, Mary’s Classroom and Jason’s Classroom”
ME: “Okay, you’re freshly dead. You’re bruised and beaten, and you… brain eating zombie.”


Bobie said...

Bless your soul, you undead thing! As a middle school teacher I appreciate all of your efforts!! I bet the kids had a blast and the make-up was AWESOME!

Sharli said...

Too funny!!! I love it! You do have fun in life - we should all take a page from your book. Thank you!


xosparklesxo said...

I love the porch & both your looks were fabulous! How great of you to help out at the school's like that!

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