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Monday, October 4, 2010

Coming soon to my youtube video channel!

slider card

This double slider card is not only cute, it’s fun!
Pull the ribbon and….Boo!

slider open

I’m working on two videos at the same time, so you’ll see the bandana technique this week, and this slider card next week.

And since it’s Blogtoberfest, can’t finish my post without a tip!
When working with bright colors, don’t be afraid to use black to distress your edges. It really defines the edges and makes those bright colors pop. Not just for Halloween, try it on a colorful kid’s card for a modern twist!



Sheila H said...

Wow - I can't wait for the tutorial on this card!

Amy said...

Sooooo Cool! This card is great on it's own, and then you add the sliders....what fun!

Missy Hep said...

You are the best!! Thanks for my card and I love my sentsy!!!

Judy said...

Love and enjoy all your work. You are such an inspiration! I have searched for your bandana card. Did you take it down? Judy

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