Living Room Re-Do Update

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just had to share my progress! There are still more changes to make, but I just couldn’t keep you waiting any longer.

The chocolate brown accent wall is absolutely fabulous! The soft grey walls are very subtle, I was worried they’d be too dark but once I got the color up it was almost too light! But once I painted the baseboards white I was pretty pleased with it.

Another huge update is the fireplace. Before it was grainy oak, with a shiny brass and glass screen. I painted the woodwork white and removed the screen. After I scrubbed 25 years of ash and soot off the interior of the fireplace, I painted it black inside with high heat paint. We don’t use this fireplace, so there’s no need for a screen, but if it ever does get used again the high-heat black paint is safe for burning.

I’m far from done, you’ll see that I have no artwork on the walls, the window trim isn’t painted white yet, and I want to paint the sideboard. Then I’ll be spiffing it up with throw pillows and new blinds… whoo hoo, welcome to this century!

Let’s take a look at the stuck-in-the-80’s house pics before:



And after:




LMcBurney said...

Ok, so call me crazy...but I like the before and the after pictures. You have a lovely home either way.

Sheila Bennett said...

Looks great. Really like the change to the fireplace.

Diana Joy said... the chocolate wall and what you did to the fireplace. tfs.

Dot said...

Love the changes - especially the fireplace. What a difference a simple coat of paint can make!

Haley D. said...

Looks fabulous!

Suz said...

Very chic...makes me want to paint--and I don't say that lightly ; )

Sharli said...

Tresa, I, too, love both photos but I must admit the chocolate paint is delicious!!!! Your room does look updated even though it was quite wonderful in the "before"!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Katy said...

Oh...I LOVE IT!!!! It's so rich and yummy! Now you got me wanting to have that effect on

Jeanine said...

i would have never thought you would not have color on your walls! I love the new look! so warm and inviting.

Margi said...

Looks great Tresa, love the colors! I've had my office painted chocolate brown since we built 4 1/2 years ago and STILL love it!

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