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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Almost as much as movie theater popcorn, I love watching previews of coming attractions at a movie theater.  Sometimes the trailers (previews) are better than the movie. A good movie trailer gives you brief glimpses into the characters, the mood and the plotline, and entices you to want more.

Even more fun... re-cut movie trailers. Amateur filmmakers create "new" trailers for famous movies, completely changing the premise of the film. You can find plenty of examples by searching youtube. Below are three of my favorites. 

What if "Mary Poppins" was a horror movie?

What if "The Shining" had been a romantic comedy?

And can you picture Meg Ryan in "Sleepless in Seattle" as a crazy stalker?


Anonymous said...

I am a sixth grade English teacher and just this week did a lesson on tone and mood. I used the original "Mary Poppins" clip and the "Scary Mary" clip in class to teach the lesson. The students loved seeing the difference.

The Peterson Family said...

This is hilarious! I guess it really is true that they can make any movie look good in a trailer. I can't wait to go find more.

Anonymous said...

Those are so funny! I really loved The Shining!

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